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Bay rum, spiked with graveyard dirt, gunpowder, a touch of leather and a ring of salt, with an overtone of masculine musk.

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will always reblog this story


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Of course they know.

[That Vulture article from April 2013]

this makes me so happy

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The two things Sam hates most in the world.

Ruby // Sam Winchester // Photo

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all of buffy  badass buffy
   ↪ "I’m going to kill them all. That ought to distract them."

buffy is life

my fucking hero

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it’s gotten to the point of the mental breakdown where only new Angel and season 6 Buffy is relatable

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idk how there are ppl who think wolverine has been alive for like two hundred years and never once sucked a dick

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10 Things About Meta Fiction I Haven't Seen Anyone Talking About


  1. That after Cas was downloaded with pop culture, he still didn’t grock the way references were used or their emotional meaning. Because he got it from Metatron…and Metatron knows it, but he doesn’t get it.
  2. Everyone is the hero of their own story, and how that applies…
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I just realized how much I’ve missed out on in media I like
I’m so fuckin behind I should just let it all go and walk into a lake its too much

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